Instructions for Scanning Documents into PDFs using your Mobile Device | Uploading to Clio via your Mobile Device Upload Instructions

This page provides instructions for how to scan your documents with your phone to create PDFs for upload. We suggest you scan all documents into one file so that it is easier to manage.

After following these scanning instructions, you can continue by accessing your Secure Clio for Clients Portal on your mobile device to upload from there or save the PDFs to a cloud-based platform (i.e. Google Drive) so you can access them from your computer to upload from the web-based Secure Clio for Clients Portal.

Guides (links to page section):

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Built-In iPhone Scanning (iOS 12+)

instructions may vary depending on iOS software version

CamScanner (Android/iPhone App)

Mobile Clio Upload Instructions

For instructions on how to upload from your computer (only if your PDFs are on your computer) please see the email from Merrigan and Merrigan regarding your form submission. This email has detailed instructions for mobile phone upload, but the following instructions can be applied similarly for PC (personal computer)

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