Income Tax


Our commitment to our clients: 
Proficient:  Clients come to us first and foremost because we have dedicated ourselves to knowing the tax laws and staying current.  We have spent much of our legal careers focusing on taxes.  With over 1,400 clients, we see a diverse cross section of people which allows us to be familiar with many different tax situations so we can offer you advice on deductions that you may not have considered.  Throughout the tax year we invest in the latest tax publications and extensively study not only the changes but also the proposed legislation and enforcement areas in order to save you money, keep you out of trouble and help you with long term planning.

Accurate:  We pride ourselves in doing things right.  That means inputting the information ourselves and reviewing it for accuracy.  It also means asking you the right questions so that income and deductions are properly reported.  Lastly, it means knowing the laws and how they are applied.  We were one of the first preparers to electronically file and have won an award for our filing accuracy.  Everyone makes mistakes but it is how a mistake is handled that can cement a long term relationship.  We commit that we will be here to promptly respond, remedy the problem and reimburse you for any penalties if we caused the error.

Reasonable:  Our goal is to have you come back year after year-not only for taxes but also for legal services.  So we aim to charge prices that are fair and reasonable.  No two returns are exactly alike.  We don’t have a rigid fee schedule like other firms that charge by form, no matter how simple it may be.  You are charged based on the level of complexity of the return, how organized you are and our time.  The more prepared you are, the lower your fee will be and the more value you will receive from our services.  Whether you are a student, salaried employee, self employed, high worth individual or have multiple rental properties, you will be treated fairly.

Responsive:  If you become a client, you will be able to get in touch with us year round to answer your questions and be a resource whenever taxes impact your life.  Whether it’s responding to an IRS inquiry pertaining to returns we prepare, amending a return, getting a copy of your return or answering a tax question, we will be here to promptly respond to your calls and e-mails.

Private:  You will be working with a law office with employees that are trained in confidentiality.  Many of our friends and family members come to us because they know their financial life will be held in confidence.  We will never outsource or share your personal information.

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